FullscreenPreview tweak brings full-screen previews to App Switcher

fullscreenpreviews tweak

The app switcher screen is one of those parts of the operating system that received a major overhaul with the release of iOS 7. For the most part we love the new look of App Switcher however if you would like to change how it works then we have got nice tweak that allows users to change it. You can also try ClassicSwitcher tweak, which brings iOS 6’s app switcher back.

The FullscreenPreview tweak replaces the usual look of the app switcher that features the wallpaper, app icons and a preview card with the full-screen preview of the apps that are currently running. Users can swipe on their screen in order to switch between apps just like they do in the normal mode, the only difference being that the previews are shown on the whole screen and not as smaller cards.

With this hack installed the app switcher can be accessed normally by double pressing the home button. To launch an app users simply have to tap on the app’s preview.

While FullscreenPreview does not bring any new feature to iOS or necessarily improve the multitasking experience it is a nice tweak for those who don’t like current look of the multitasking screen.

You can download this tweak from Cydia for free from the BigBoss repo.


Handy tip: Swiping over icons in app switcher makes scrolling faster

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