iTouchSecure for iOS 9 lets you enter password anywhere with Touch ID

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Now that we have Touch ID fingerprint sensor on our iOS devices it seems pointless to enter password manually. The process is both time consuming and outright annoying. iTouchSecure for iOS 9 tweak makes the life of iOS users easier by making it possible for them to enter password on different sites and apps using Touch ID scan. This not only includes third-party apps like Facebook, but also the Safari browser. Support for Safari browser means you will be able to easily enter password on websites without actually typing them, using fingerprint scan.

Whenever you can enter the password using your fingerprint, you will see a fingerprint image next to the password field. If no password is saved for an app or website’s login, then you will see a yellow rectangle around the typing area. The tweak automatically saves the password for any new service once you have entered it manually for the first time. To be able to use iTouchSecure in Safari, you first need to enable autofill from Safari’s settings. Once you have done that you will be able to authenticate on sites. In addition to Safari you can also use iTouchSecure in third-party browsers like Chrome.

If you are worried about security, then don’t be as the tweak securely stores your passwords in iOS’s keychain feature.

iTouchSecure for iOS 9 is available in Cydia for $4.99. A special discount is available for those who have already purchased the tweak for previous versions of iOS.

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