Maple Tweak Adds AirPower Like Battery Widget To iPhone

When Apple announced that it was killing the AirPower project, the first thing that came to our mind was what will happen to the innovative AirPower charging widget that allows users to see the current charging status of their iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and AirPods case, all on the same screen. We even included the AirPower charging interface in our iOS 13 wishlist hoping Apple would bring the feature to all wireless charging accessories.

Turns out as always the jailbreaking community is way ahead of Apple and has already released Maple tweak, which brings the AirPower inspired charging widget to jailbroken iOS devices. The tweak displays the current battery status of user’s iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and their case right on the lockscreen.

Once the tweak is installed and running you can expect to see banners on the lockscreen that show the name of the device along with battery percentage and bar in a banner for each device. All Apple devices that are connected to the iPhone and charging are displayed on the widget. The device that is no longer charging disappears from the charging widget.

There are several settings that you can configure for the Maple tweak include that includes changing the banner size, enable or disable group feature for banners, notifications and enable faster animations.

You can download Maple from Packix repo. It is currently in beta and available to those who pay LaughingQuoll’s $1.99 Patreon fee. It will be released for everyone once it is out of beta.

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