MasterBall Tweak Lets You Bypass Jailbreak Detection on Pokèmon GO

Pokemon GO

Pokèmon GO game for iOS launched a few days ago and became and instant hit. However right after its release many users complained that the game has jailbreak detection in place. Meaning you cannot play the game on a jailbroken device. This check may have been added to prevent users from cheating in the game using hacks that are usually available through Cydia. If you have not been able to play the game because of your device’s jailbroken status, then developer CokePokes has your back.

A new tweak by CokePokes called the MasterBall tweak allows users to bypass the jailbreak detection of the Pokèmon GO game, letting users enjoy the game like rest of the players. With MasterBall installed on your jailbroken device Pokèmon GO will not be able to log your device as jailbroken. In order to install the tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch simply launch Cydia and add ‘‘ to your Cydia sources. Once you have added the repo simply install it and restart your device. After doing so you will be able to play the game without any trouble.

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  1. when i launch pokemon go and it is done loading, the game crashes at the privacy policy screen. Any fix?

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