ModernXI Brings Modern Looking Alerts To iOS 11

If you think the banner notification alerts on your iPhone look outdated and want to give them a modern and fresh look, then ModernXI tweak is your answer. With this iOS 11 tweak you can change the look of the notification banners by giving them a subtle yet noticeable redesign.

The thing that I like the most about the change this tweak brings to the notifications is that it does not completely change their look, instead it brings a familiar yet arguably improved appearance to them. The tweak retains the look and feel of the notification banner’s background however it makes it significantly thinner. In addition to that it moves the name and icon of the app to top left side while also making it larger. This is where the modern look and feel comes from.

ModernXI is the perfect notification banner tweak that can significantly change the look and feel of the banner notifications on your device and give your lockscreen a different look.

You can download ModernXI tweak from Cydia where it is available under the Packix repository ( It fully supports iOS 11.

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