MorePredict increases the number of words in predictive keyboard

MorePredict tweak

iOS 8 brought the predictive keyboard feature that makes it easier for users to type on their iOS device. When this feature is turned on, iOS intelligently shows three word suggestions based on the sentence your are typing. If any of the given words matches what you were going to type then you can simply tap on it instead of typing. If three suggestions are not enough for you and you want more then a new tweak called MorePredict can help.

MorePredict tweak for iOS 8 enables users to increase the number of suggestions according to their preference. From its settings page you can just type the number of words you want to see in the predictive bar and the tweak will add them on the keyboard’s predictive bar. MorePredict tweak works for both portrait and landscape modes of keyboard. While it works well on smaller devices as well the true advantage of this hack can be taken on larger devices such as iPhone 6 that has more real estate to offer, thus is able to show more words without squeezing them.

MorePredict tweak (1)

A recommended number for the predictive keyboard is 5, that can be seen in the screenshots above. From Settings you can also change the spacing between words. In the future versions of the hack the developer plans to allow users to select seperate numbers for portrait and landscape modes.

You can download MorePredict tweak from Cydia for free. It requires iOS 8, predictive keyboard to be turned on and only works with default iOS keyboard.

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