MusicMod tweak declutters iOS 8.4’s Music app

MusicMod tweak

A redesigned Music app has debuted with iOS 8.4 bringing the Apple Music service, among other things. While most users find the new app better than the older version they have a few valid complaints about it. Some users find the app a little too cluttered and confusing to use. The new MusicMod tweak tries to improve the situation by allowing users to hide certain elements of the app, making it less cluttered and easy to use. Once you have installed and configured MusicMod properly you will find the new Music app better than its stock form.

With this tweak you can hide the recent library, recent playlists, recent radio stations played, down button that appears on Now Playing screen and playback history. But that’s not all as MusicMod also lets users remove the excessive tabs from the button bar, such as the Connect and Radio buttons. In addition to that you can also disable the background blur and iOS’s status bar.

MusicMod tweak 1

Until now you would be thinking that MusicMod is only for hiding things in the new Music app, however that’s not the case. The tweak also adds some useful features to the app including a landscape mode, and a feature to make the app remember song position and app’s page you were on before you closed it.

MusicMod tweak is available in Cydia for free. It requires iOS 8.4 to work.

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