NanoFi Tweak Makes Data Transfer Between iPhone And Apple Watch Faster

NanoFi Tweak

Apple Watch users know that transferring data from an iPhone to the Watch happens quite slowly. This is because most of the data transfers between an iPhone and Apple Watch happens over the Bluetooth connection, which makes the transferring of music and other data files slower.

The newly released NanoFi tweak for jailbroken iPhones aims to help Apple Watch users and significantly improve data transfer speeds by making Wi-Fi as the default connection.

NanoFi comes with a dedicated Control Center module that allows users to establish Wi-Fi connection between iPhone and Watch. Once the connection is established data transfers start happening over Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth.

The tweak requires the Apple Watch to be connected to the local Wi-Fi network. Once it is connected the data transfer can occur over Wi-Fi at much faster speeds.

Developer udevs9 has shared video recordings that show the differecne in data transfer speeds between default Bluetooth and NanoFi Wi-Fi connection between iPhone and Apple Watch. And the difference between the two is huge.

As you can also see in the Twitter video below on Bluetooth the Apple Watch transferred data at the speeds of just 500-600KB/s.

Whereas upon switching to NanoFi the transfer speeds were increased to as high as 16MB/s. In real world terms this potentially means you should be able to reduce data transfer times from minutes to just a few seconds.

You can download the NanoFi tweak on your jailbroken iPhone from developer’s repo ( where it is available as a free download.

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