New tweaks: AppRun, NotiAction, Vibratekeyboards8 and more

Today was just like any other day in the life of a jailbreaker as a bunch of new Cydia tweaks were unleashed in Cydia, all of which bring their unique features to iOS 8. In case you haven’t checked out the new releases we have created a short roundup to let you know about the new Cydia tweaks and briefly explain what these hacks actually do. So without any further ado lets check out AppRun, GoogleSearchActionMenu, NotiAction and vibratekeyboards8 tweaks.


AppRun tweak

Have you ever had the need of running an application after a specified time. If yes, then AppRun is the tweak for you. The tweak is quite powerful as you can not only select app and its launching time but can also make the tweak unlock the device even if a passcode is enabled. It lets you set up a timer after which your selected app will be launched automatically. You can download it from Cydia for free.



ActionMenu is a nice tweak that adds more options to iOS’s action menu. GoogleSearchActionMenu takes advantage of this tweak by adding a Google Search button to the menu, letting users quickly search the web for a word right after selecting it. You can download the GoogleSearchActionMenu for ActionMenu for free.


The NotiAction tweak adds ten Activator triggers to iOS 8 that are activated as soon as you receive a notification containing a pre-defined text. Details about how to configure the tweak are available in its Cydia description. You can download NotiAction from Cydia for free.



KeyboardVibrate brings vibration feedback to the stock iOS keyboard but not to the third-party ones. The new vibratekeyboards8 tweak adds the vibration feedback for popular third-party keyboards, so if you use any keyboard apart from the stock one and would like to have the very noticeable vibration effect then this is the tweak to install. The tweak currently supports TouchPal, Flesky, SwiftKey, Swype Keyboard, GOKeyboard, FancyKeyboard, Keymoji, PinkKey, Blink Keyboard and TextExpander. Viberatekeyboards8 tweak is available in Cydia for $1.50.

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