New tweaks: Docker, SimpleReach, WGradRemover and more

Haven’t checked out Cydia lately? Well now is the time to fire the jailbreak store up and refresh its sources. A bunch of useful new tweaks have been released that allow users to add new features to iOS and enhance the existing ones. In this roundup of Cydia tweaks we have featured Docker, SimpleReach, WGradRemove, WAOneForAll and NoUpdateAll. Read on to learn what these hacks do.


Docker tweak literally expands the capability of the iOS dock by adding an extra row of icons to it. Don’t worry as Docker will not take extra space on your device. To get access to the second row of icons, which houses additional 4 icons all you need to do is swipe upwards. Docker is available for $1.99.


SimpleReach tweak

SimpleReach is an innovate tweak for larger iPhones that takes Reachability to the next level. It allows users to bring the upper part of their screen further down than normal Reachability level by swiping straight up on the home button instead of double tapping. If you want to bring the upper part even further down then you can swipe up at 60° angle. See the demo below to see how it works. You can download SimpleReach for $0.99.


WGradRemover tweak

WGradRemover gets rid of the black gradient effect iOS adds to the wallpaper. This gives you a clearer view of the image you have selected as the background. It is a free tweak.


WAOneForAll tweak allows users to forward a message to multiple people and groups at once. The tweak works natively and can be used by either double tapping or long holding on the cell. It is a free tweak as well.


NoUpdateAll simply removes the ‘Update All’ button from the updates section of the App Store. It may not be useful for a lot of you out there but some users might want it to save them selves trouble when they accidentally tap it and end up updating apps they didn’t intended to. You can download it for free.

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