PhotosPro Tweak Fixes Some Of The Major Quirks Of The Photos App

Photos app has improved a lot over the past few years however it is still full of many quirks that continue to annoy its users. Newly released PhotosPro tweak for jailbroken iPhones aims to solve some of these issues and improve the user-experience for the stock Photos app.

PhotosPro tweak allows users to add new features to Photos app. One of my favorite features that it adds makes the Photos app play the audio of a video automatically. By default Photos app plays the video in mute and requires user to unmute the video manually. With this tweak you are no longer required to unmute the video as the audio will play automatically.

That’s not it as this tweak also adds a new popup window to the Photos app that appears when you are editing images. This window allows users to change the name, date and colors of the photo.

Other features of the PhotosPro tweak include ability to disable the Delete confirmation popup that appears when you are deleting one or more images. In addition to that you can also use this tweak to hide Private and other albums.

Another feature that you get with this tweak allows you to hide media type options from albums.

You can download the PhotosPro tweak from the Packix repo, where it is available as a free download. It is compatible with all recent versions of iOS including iOS 10 up to iOS 14.

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