Plus for Instagram Adds Powerful New Features To Instagram

Plus for Instagram

Looking to get more control over the Instagram app on your iPhone, then look no further than Plus for Instagram tweak. This powerful Instagram tweak makes it possible for jailbreak users to change how the app works and add new features to it.

Plus for Instagram is an all-in-one tweak for Instagram that is designed to give more control to the user. With this tweak users get powers like ability to see a Direct Message that was deleted by the sender. This means you can see the unsent message, picture or a video.

The tweak also brings the missing native comment translation feature to Instagram, which allows users to easily translate a comment left by another user under a post. This makes the life of users easy as they can now read and understand the comments left under their own post or someone else’s post by a user in another language.

Perhaps the most useful feature of Plus for Instagram tweak is its ability to enable media downloads for users. After installing this tweak user will be able to download photos, IGTV videos, reels videos, videos sent in Direct Message to their device.

Plus for Instagram adds a new Focus Mode to Instagram. This mode lets users get rid of distractions by removing posts and videos from their timeline. In Focus Mode usres can also access the Direct Message feature and Stories.

You can also use this tweak to disable ads in the Instagram app and get a cleaner user-experience.

Other features of this tweak include:

  • Ability to watch other people’s stories without letting them know
  • Ability to trim story videos before posting them
  • Ability to copy Instagram comments
  • Like and follow confirmation popups
  • Low Data Mode
  • Ability to show total likes and views received on a post
  • Ability to add unlimited accounts
  • Full resolution profile picture of other users
  • Disable quick reactions
  • Unlimited playback for media in DMs
  • Disable Typing indicator for DMs
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Ability to enable Instagram Music in unsupported regions
  • Ability to add unlimited accounts to Instagram
  • And more…

You can download the Plus for Instagram tweak from the Packix repo where it is available as a free download. It works with iOS 13 or later including iOS 14.

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