Quickly switch between Apple IDs in App Store with IDBox tweak

IDBox tweak

Many iOS users have multiple Apple IDs that they use with the App Store. People create several App Store accounts for various reasons such as they share it with a family member or they make them so they could download apps that are available in App Stores of other countries but not their own. If you maintain multiple IDs and constantly find yourself switching between them, the new tweak called IDBox can make your life a lot easier. This tweak makes it convenient for users to switch accounts with a few taps.

After you install the IDBox tweak you will find a new button within the App Store application, as seen in the screenshot above. When you tap on this button a new page will open listing all the Apple IDs you have used with the device, ever. To switch to them all you have to do is simply tap on the account. Along with listing the email address associated with the account the tweak also shows which country it belongs to. There are no settings to configure for this it.

IDBox is compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8 and runs on all jailbroken devices. You can install it from Cydia without paying but to use it you will have to purchase a license that costs $1.49. With one license you can use up to 3 iOS devices.

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  1. Do Not buy this ! I find this a waste of your money!!! Do you remember AccountChanger TS ..
    I know You see that they have not updated correct, Well it works on iOS 8.1.2 which is what I am on and HackyouriPhone repo has and it works … and bonus you can have as many accounts as needed this tweak is PATHETIC charging ever 3 accounts yea ok and people wonder why there are oddball repos out there -_-.. Now on this I admit I do get free tweaks from Hackyouriphone repo but only in odd cases a tweak I need is not ios 8 and locked which actually sadly the few I have are of that nature I am not a tweaker I have very little with 3 being legit from Cydia.. But if there are no update for 8 or when new ones come out that mimic a older one like this pathetic person (I understand your a dev well maybe charge once should be in your vocab!) that charges more money after so many accounts.. it makes me really mad and I go find other apps to work …. ( I help people out so this is easier then manually plopping them in just go to update section click your account boom done changed) accountchanger TS is way better …I do research before being fooled by idiots!! AccounChanger TS great app and for some dumb reason can’t have its version restrictions pulled !! So google hackyouriphone repo and safe the hassle …even if it does become availble its still a one time fee then this guys !!!

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