State of the iOS 9 Jailbreak: July 2016 Edition

iOS 9.3 jailbreak

This is the month of July, when Americans celebrate their independence day. Sadly same cannot be said for people who are used to of jailbreaking their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as currently there is no jailbreak for iOS 9.3.x that is available for download. This is not a new thing as we haven’t had a jailbreak for a while. It seems like well known jailbreak teams including Pangu and TaiG are not interested in releasing a jailbreak for public. Instead we are seeing a bunch of posers who claim to have a ‘working‘ version of the iOS 9 jailbreak and give bogus ETAs for its release. Many people fall into their trap only to get disappointed later.

Then there are people who would tease the jailbreak with no intentions of releasing it for the benefit of the users. The reality is there is no jailbreak available for iOS 9.3.x or even iOS 9.2.1 and there’s no ETA or credible reports for its release. Sure Pangu demoed an iOS 10 beta jailbreak and others have too before them, but that does not prove anything when it comes to iOS 9. The rumor about Pangu announcing imminent jailbreak release turned out to be just that, a rumor.

So what iOS versions have a jailbreak right now? The only iOS versions that can be jailbreaked right now include versions of iOS 8. The iOS 9 versions that can be jailbroken are iOS 9.0 up to iOS 9.1 using the Pangu jailbreak tool. If you are running any iOS 9 version released after iOS 9.1, then you are simply out of luck.

While there is no jailbreak right now, it does not mean there won’t be one tomorrow. When it is actually released, we will be the first one to report about it. Until then keep visiting and enjoy our iOS 10 coverage.

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