More tweaks for iOS 7: CCLoader, MultiIconMover+, RePower, 1Pal, FaceTimeAudioEnabler and more

A bunch of new tweaks got released in Cydia in the last 24 hours and some of them are pretty great. In this fresh roundup of iOS 7 tweaks we are going to tell you about these new hacks for iOS 7 work. Today’s roundup of tweaks for iOS 7 includes CCLoader, MultiIconMovier+, Confirm Launch iOS 7, RePower, FaceTime Audio Enabler, 1Pal and EditAlarm.


CCLoader tweak

CCLoader is another Control Center focused tweak. This tweak allows users to rearrange or disable different sections of the Control Center. By using a simple drag and drop interface in its settings users can place a section on the top or at the bottom of other sections. CCLoader is an open source project and will also enable other jailbreak developers to build widgets for the Control Center. Of course users will be able to to load the third party built widgets by downloading them from Cydia. CCLoader is available for free.


iOS only allows users to move one home screen icon at a time. This makes rearranging and moving them a pain in the ass. Thankfully the MultiIconMover+ tweak makes the process simpler and faster by allowing them to move multiple icons from one screen to another at once.

Here’s how it works. Users can tap on the icons they want to move and then go to the page or folder they want to drop them in. Next they just have to press the home button after doing which the icons are moved to that page or folder.

MultiIconMover+ is a commercial tweak and is available for $0.99.

Confirm Launch iOS 7

Confirm launch iOS 7 tweak

Confirm Launch iOS 7 tweak adds a pop up to iOS that asks for confirmation every time a user launches an app. The tweak is aimed to prevent users from launching applications accidentally. This tweak has only one function and adds no options to configure. It is free.


RePower tweak

The RePower tweak for jailbroken iOS devices adds new useful options and information that appears when user presses and holds the power button to reveal ‘Slide to power off’. RePower adds the Reboot and Respring buttons allowing users to perform these operations conveniently. Another feature of this free tweak is that it add an uptime label for the iOS device.


If you live in China then chances are that your iPhone lacks the feature of Facetime Audio. This tweak allows users to enable the feature on their devices. After installing users can activate audio Facetime by going to settings. They can also re-disable it from there in case they want to. FaceTimeAudioEnabler is available for free.


The new 1Pal tweak allows users to save their master password to iOS keychain and use it for fast login into 1Password app using Touch ID. It is a great tweak for 1Password users and makes using that app even more convenient. 1Pal works in conjunction with other app lock tweaks including BioLockdown and BioProtect. 1Pal is a free tweak for jailbreak users.

Edit Alarms

This tweak makes it easier for users to edit or delete alarms in the stock clock app by giving in-line access to them. Users can configure settings for this free tweak from Settings.

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