Visualyzer Tweak Adds An Audio Visualizer To iPhone’s Status Bar

Users have long requested a tweak that would add an animated visualizer to iPhone’s status bar. If you have also wanted to have this tweak, then Visualyzer tweak for jailbroken iPhones is here to help.

Visualyzer adds a simple audio visualizer to the iPhone status bar. On new iPhones with a notch the visualizer appears on left side of the notch.

Visualyzer supports all sorts of audio on iPhones, which means it will appear on the status bar for both the Music app and third-party apps like Spotify.

As the tweak’s description says Visualyzer adds a simple audio visualizer to the iPhone’s status bar, which means there are no customization options or style options available. However if you are like me and like simple looking things, you will still love the stock look of Visualyzer tweak.

You can download Visualyzer and add an audio visualizer to iPhone’s status bar by downloading it from developer’s repo (

It is available as a free download and works with iOS 14 and iOS 13.

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