Best Physical Game Controllers For iPhone And iPad

With ever growing number of fun and high graphics iOS games already available on the platform, it is safe to say that iOS is on the forefront of mobile gaming.

If you are a gamer who enjoys playing games on his or her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then a physical game controller is something that you should consider buying. It can make the gaming experience a 100 times better and allow you to play games with more accuracy.

Here are some of the best physical game controllers for iPhone and iPad that can convert your iOS device into a handheld gaming beast. Most of these controllers feature MFi certification, which means they are fully supported by iOS.

SteelSeries Stratus

The SteelSeries Stratus is a small game controller iPhone and iPad that offers precise gaming control thanks to its pressure sensitive buttons. It comes with Bluetooth 2.1 for wireless connectivity, 10 hours of battery life, LED indicators  to display player status during multiplayer games and more. Due to its compact size it is easy to carry it around with you, which makes it even a better option. You can buy the SteelSeries Stratus for $30.

SteelSeries Nimbus

While Stratus is a compact option, SteelSeries Nimbus is designed for more serious gamers. With its console controller like style it is easier to hold and play games with. It also offers pressure-sensitive buttons, 40 hours battery life, LEDs to display multiplayer status, Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity and more. You can buy SteelSeries Nimbus for $50.

Gamevice Controller Gamepad

Next on our list of best physical game controllers for iPhone and iPod touch is Gamevice Controller Gamepad. This particular game controller is different from the rest of the options, as it lets you place your iPhone into it. The controller plugs directly into the lightning port of your device and turns your iPhone into a Nintendo Switch like handheld gaming console.

Gamevice Controller Gamepad supports all models of iPhone regardless of their size. It will also add a 3.5mm audio headphone jack to your device. You can use it on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE and other devices featuring similar size. When not in use you can simply fold the controller greatly reducing its size.There’s a separate model for iPad Pro too. You can buy this case for $80.

Megadream Wireless Gaming Gamepad

Megadream Wireless Gaming Gamepad is an Xbox controller-style gamepad that comes with MFI certification, support for all iPhone models including iPhone X, two color options, wide range of game support and more. Due to its design Xbox gamers will feel right at home and wouldn’t find it any difficult to get used to it. It has a phone holder that lets you conveniently place your iPhone in front of the controller. You can buy this controller for $60.99.

abcGOODefg NES Controller for iPhone

Last on our list of best physical controllers for iPhone is abcGOODefg NES Controller. Even though it does not support MFi support, you can use this NES style gamepad from abcGOODefg with your iPhone. It has the classic NES look and feel, wireless connectivity, 20 hours of battery life, programmable keys to setup combo and turbo key and more. You can buy this gamepad for $33.99.

There you go folks, this was our list of best physical controllers for iPhone and iPad. Did we miss your favorite iOS game controller? Let us know in the comments below.

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