Access Control Centre In Landscape For More HomeKit Options (Tip)

If you own HomeKit supported devices, you probably are familiar with the fact that you can access your accessories and scenes from Control Centre. While on the iPad’s Control Centre you can access up to 12 scenes in Control Centre, it appears that, on the iPhone, you can only have up to 8 scenes and 9 accessories. However, there is a simple trick you can use to access the other 4 scenes and an extra accessory.

If you put your phone into landscape mode, when you access the Home section of Control Centre, you will find that there are now 12 slots for your scenes. You can interact with them just like you would with any other scene. You may find this handy if you want to activate a scene or accessory that you don’t use regularly but don’t want to leave the app you are currently in. If you do this in the accessories view, you will now have 10 accessories that you can control. While you won’t be able to access this as easily on a smaller iPhone, if you are an owner of a Plus model, you can access Control Centre in landscape right from the home screen.

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