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Apple Watch

Much to our dismay the new Apple Watch does not come in rounded shape and will only be available in square. However to accommodate people of all wrist sizes and perhaps genders, Apple will be releasing the device in two sizes. If you plan on purchasing an Apple Watch next month and would be pre-ordering one as the company starts taking them on April 10th, it is better to figure out which size suits you the best. To make the process easier Apple has updated its Apple Store application, which now allows iPhone users to put an image of the actual watch on their wrist to get an idea of how it will look.

The device will be coming in two sizes including 38MM and 42MM. Both of these have significant size difference when compared and can make a huge difference in ones experience of using the Apple wearable device.

If you want to know the best size for your wrist before ordering simply download the Apple Store app from here and open it. Then head to the Watch section by tapping on the Watch image from the featured area.

Apple Store app watch

Next hit the ‘View Pricing’ button and then on ‘Compare case sizes’. This will present an image of both Apple Watch models in real life sizes. Simply tap on the 38MM or 42MM buttons to select them and put the device on your wrist to get an idea of how each size would fit on your wrist.

In addition to helping uses finding the right watch size through the Apple Store app, the company has also posted a size guide for the band accessories in order to help uses find appwhich band will fit their wrist the best. Have a look at it here.

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