How To Clean iPhone’s Lightning Port The Right Way

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Clean iPhone's Lightning Port

Are you experiencing charging issues with your iPhone when you charge with a USB cable? Looks like it is time to clean iPhone’s lightning port.

According to people who repair iPhones for a living, majority of devices they get for repairs due to charging issues end up having lint, dirt or some other stuff stuck inside the charging port.

Due to the tiny trash that gathers inside the charging port after a while, the lightning cable’s connectors are unable to make connection with the iPhone’s charging connectors and you end up facing charging issues.

It does not take much for the lint to get inside your device’s port as simply putting it inside the pocket is enough.

In many instances the charging cable works at certain angles, and users end up thinking they have some sort of hardware issue with their device or their lightning cable is broken, but in reality it’s just some lint that is stuck inside the device.

Clean Lightning Port To Fix Charging Issues

Good news is it is very easy to clean iPhone’s lightning port and solve any charging issues that you might be facing due to the lint that is stuck inside the port.

Before you start sticking things into the charging port make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should absolutely avoid sticking any metal inside the charging port in order to clean lightning port. This will do more harm than good as brushing the metal with insides of the port can cause damage and cause the charging connectors inside the iPhone to erode.

The best way to clean insides of lightning port is with a wooden or plastic stick. You can use something like a toothpick or a similar thin stick of wood or plastic and gently insert it into the port. Once inside move it around to make sure everything that does not belong in the port comes out.

Another tool that works great is a toothbrush. A toothbrush is recommended for this purpose because it won’t cause any damage to the insides of a charging port and will do a good job at cleaning the port.

You can also use the same toothbrush to clean speaker grills and remove any unwanted dirt or lints from them.

Use wireless charging? Try Dust Plugs

If you use wireless charging to recharge your iPhone, then it is recommended that you use Dust Plugs to close the Lightning Port in order to protect it from lint. When you place a dust plug inside the port dirt or lint will not go inside and your device’s lightning port will remain protected. You can buy PortPlugs Dust Plugs or find alternate options on Amazon and other stores.

There you go folks, this is how you should clean lightning port of your iPhone. You should perform clean up on a regular basis and not just when you face charging problems on iPhone to make sure you never reach a point where your lightning port stops working.

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