How To Connect And Use Apple Magic Keyboard With Your iPad

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how you can connect an Apple Magic Keyboard to your iPad and start using it. The Magic Keyboard for iPad is a special accessory that brings a true physical typing experience to the iPad.

Along with a physical keyboard, it also features a trackpad, which lets you use a mouse cursor on the iPad.

Before you start the setup process of Magic Keyboard with your iPad, make sure the accessory is compatible with your device.

You can use a compatible Magic Keyboard for iPad with the following iPad models.

  • 12.9-inch inch iPad Pro 6th generation
  • 12.9-inch inch iPad Pro 5th generation
  • 12.9-inch inch iPad Pro 4th generation
  • 12.9-inch inch iPad Pro 3rd generation
  • 11-inch iPad Pro 4th generation
  • 11-inch iPad Pro 3rd generation
  • 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation
  • 11-inch iPad Pro 1st generation
  • iPad Air 5th generation
  • iPad Air 4th generation

In addition to having a supported model, you also need to be running iPadOS 14.5 or later on your device.

Connect Magic Keyboard to iPad

Now that you have made sure Magic Keyboard for iPad is compatible with your iPad, follow the instructions below in order to connect it to your iPad.

Step 1. Open the lid of the Magic Keyboard for iPad. When doing so make sure the hinge is away from you and the Apple logo is on the top.

Step 2. While opening the lid continue tilting the lid and stop at your desired angle. You should stop if you have tilted the lid all the way through and it is no longer going further back.

Step 3. Now place your iPad on the Magic Keyboard. The back camera lenses should be placed at the top left corner so they pass through the camera cutout on the case.

When you perform the steps above, the Magic Keyboard for iPad will automatically connect to your iPad and you can start using the keyboard with your device.

Use Magic Keyboard with iPad

Now that your Magic Keyboard for iPad is connected to your iPad, you can begin using it. Simply place the Magic Keyboard on a flat surface, and open the lid while your iPad is already inside the case. Open any typing app or tap on any typing field and start typing.

Magic Keyboard for iPad is a powerful accessory that lets you perform tasks like waking up your iPad from sleep with the press of any button to adjust the volume and screen brightness.

You can also charge your iPad by connecting a USB-C cable to the Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port. This is a great feature, as this frees up the USB-C port on your iPad, which you can then use for any other accessory.

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