How to Disable Access to Lockscreen Widgets on iOS 10

No Widgets Lockscreen iOS 10

With iOS 10 Apple has made the lockscreen immensely powerful. Now you can access widgets with rich information, perform tasks on notifications such as replying to messages or seeing the status of your incoming taxi and much more. While the features are useful they also give anyone access to private information without even unlocking the device. Good news is iOS 10 allows users to disable lockscreen widgets, essentially restricting anyone from accessing them without unlocking the device.

Disabling access to widgets on the lockscreen is probably a good idea, especially for those who care about their privacy. With iOS 10 widgets anyone can view your upcoming Calendar events, Reminders, Activity and info from widgets added from third-party apps. Below you can find instructions on how to disable widget access on the lockscreen on an iOS 10 powered device.

Disable widgets on iOS 10 lockscreen


  1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch open Settings app and scroll down until you see ‘Touch ID & Passcode‘ and tap on it.
  2. Your iPhone will now ask you to enter your passcode.Touch ID & Passcode widgets
  3. Now on Touch ID & Passcode screen scroll down until you see the ‘Allow Access When Locked‘ section. From there turn off the toggle for ‘Today‘.

Doing so will disable the access to iOS 10 widgets from the lockscreen. If you want to boost your privacy even further, then you can also turn off access to Notification Center by turning off ‘Notifications View’ toggle and disable Siri from the ‘Siri’ toggle.

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  1. I hate new clock screen Widgets IOS 10. When i remove but still appear in list under More Widgets.How i clear all or disable Edit button.

  2. I’ve been following ios 10 since its release, from what I’ve read its not for me. I’m a private person and this ios just screams unsecure! do not use! most of the simple functionality has been removed for stupidity.

    Me and Apple obviously don’t define “Locked” the same way. I don’t care that these can be changed it should have never been done in the 1st place and since its forced it should come as default “off” setting.

    music is just getting more and more useless. Making the home button the unlock method is just change for changes sake, theres no reason to remove it other then making people wear down their phones home button to the point of failure.

    This is most likely my last iPhone. I can’t take these changes, hate the layout, the lack of privacy and functionality. They change perfectly fine functionality just for the sake of changing it.

    1. Agreed. I tried out iOS 10 when it was first released and couldn’t roll back to iOS 9 fast enough. Too many changes for the sake of making changes. Given that I’m not a giant fan of Android, either, I may just go back to a flip phone when the time comes.

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