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Unlike most other people I personally love the experience of typing on the on-screen keyboard of iOS devices. After years of practice not only have I become fast but my accuracy has also improved a lot. One of the things that make typing on a virtual keyboard is you get features that are simply not available on a physical one.

One such feature that I recently came across on iOS 7 is the ability for users to quickly enter “.” or period after their sentence is finished. Normally users have to press the ‘123’ button and then tap on the ‘.’ button to enter a period after finishing a sentence. This adds an extra step in performing a fairly simple task.

However there’s a nice shortcut in iOS that allows users to simply enter “.” by double tapping the space bar button. The space bar button needs to be double tapped in quick succession for this to work. Normally the “.” Shortcut option is disabled on iOS devices. You can enable it by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > “.” Shortcut. Just turn on the switch to enable it.

Here’s a demo video for the shortcut feature.

Update: As commenter ideaprison has pointed out you can also quickly enter “.” by tapping and holding the ‘123’ key and sliding your finger to the “.” button. You can simply release your finger to return to the alphabet mode. A tip that we shared in our iOS 7 keyboard post as well.

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