How To Extract Any Wi-Fi’s Password From A Mac

Have you been in situations when you suddenly forget the password of a Wi-Fi network that you had previously used? I know I have, and it can be very annoying in situations when you want to connect to the same Wi-Fi network on another device. Good news is you can easily extract a Wi-Fi’s password that you have previously connected to your Mac to following a few simple steps.

Follow the step by step instructions to find out how to extract a Wi-Fi’s password from a Mac. Do note that you can only extract a Wi-Fi password for the network that you have previously connected to.

1. On your Mac open spotlight (Command-Space) and type ‘Keychain Access‘.

2. Open Keychain access from the search results and then look for ‘Keychains‘ heading on the left side pane.

3. From under Keychains select ‘System‘.

4. This should display a list of all the Wi-Fi networks that you have connected on your Mac over the course of its life. Find the Wi-Fi network you want to extract password for and right-click on it.

5. From the menu click on ‘Get Info‘ option.

6. Under the ‘Attributes‘ tab look for the ‘Show password‘ tick box and click on it. Then enter your Mac admin’s username and password.

That’s it. Now you should see the Wi-Fi password for the selected network next to where it says Show password. You can repeat these steps for any other Wi-Fi network you want to extract the password for.

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