How To See MacBook’s Battery Time Remaining Estimate In macOS 10.12.2

It seems like Apple is on a mission to annoy its users. After removing ports that were frequently used by users from the latest MacBook models, the company has now removed another thing that is important to MacBook users. The recently released macOS 10.12.2 removes the Battery time remaining estimate from the battery menu. While Apple has removed the time remaining estimate from the battery menu, there is another place where you can check the estimated time for how long your MacBook’s battery will run before it needs a recharge.

How to See Battery Time Remaining Estimates macOS 10.12.2

  • To get this information simply launch the Activity Monitor utility from Launchpad’s Other folder or by searching for it through the Spotlight search.
  • Once the Activity Monitor utility is launched click on the ‘Energy’ tab from the top tab bar.
  • On the Energy tab look at the bottom of the window. There you will see information about your battery including Time Remaining and Time on Battery information.

While you can opt to install third-party apps for viewing this information Activity Monitor can be considered somewhat more reliable (or at least as reliable as the information that appeared in battery menu in older version of the OS) as it is a macOS function.

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