You Can Scan QR Codes On iOS 11 Powered iPhone Or iPad

Even though Apple is very late to the party, the company has finally added the ability to read QR codes to iPhone and iPad. The feature has been added in iOS 11 update and is part of the stock Camera app. Now iOS users will be able to read a QR code simply by launching the Camera app on their iPhone and scanning it with the camera. Before this feature users had to download third-party applications from the App Store to perform this simple task.

iOS 11’s QR code feature isn’t just capable of reading QR codes and pointing you to a web address, it can also perform some clever tricks. For example, if a QR code has information related to a Wi-Fi network you will be asked if you want to join it. Similarly if a QR code points to a contact information, your iPhone will ask if you would like to add that contact in your own contacts list. Other possible uses of QR code include ability to add a tickets to the Wallet app, which now opens the Camera app when you tap on the Scan Code button.

Although the QR code scanning feature is enabled by default, users have the ability to turn it off. To turn off QR code feature of Camera app simply head to Camera settings and turn off the toggle for ‘Scan QR Codes’.

QR codes are not a new thing and have been around for years. Now that iPhone and iPad have built-in capability to use them they will only become more popular.

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