Here’s how to quickly redial a number in iPhone’s Phone app

Phone app keypad

Over the past decade phones have evolved into full-fledge computers, and are basically more powerful than the computers used to be around a decade ago. Despite that the basic phone in our ‘smartphone’ remains pretty much the same. We still have to dial a number when we want to talk to someone, and sometimes have to redial a manually entered number when that phone number is not in our contact list. The stock Phone app allows users to quickly redial a number that they dialed before, however not many people know how to do so. In this post we will share with you a handy tip that will let you redial or re-enter a number in the stock Phone app of the iPhone.

On the stock Phone app access the ‘Keypad’ screen from the button bar and press the green ‘Dial’ button to make the last dialed phone number appear. As soon as you press the green button the number will appear in the type field, then you can either edit the number or press the dial button once again to dial it. This is super useful in situations when you have manually entered a number and want to quickly redial it from your iPhone.

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