How To Retry Face ID Unlock On iOS 12 After A Failed Attempt

iPhone X is so much better under iOS 12. Apple has seemingly made an effort to improve the user experience on its flagship device and has fixed many issues that were bothering its users. As we detailed in the biggest iPhone X annoyances fixed in iOS 12 article, Apple has also fixed the super annoying Face ID unlock feature.

In iOS 11 when you try to unlock your iPhone with a Face ID scan and the scan fails, you are either forced to enter your passcode or have to lock the device to retry again with the passcode, which is both time consuming and frustrating.

iOS 12 solves this by allowing users to retry Face ID unlock in case of a failed attempt. Here’s how you can retry a Face ID scan if the first attempt fails on iOS 12.

  1. Wake your iPhone X by tapping on the screen or pressing the side button.
  2. Scan your face. If the facial scan fails and passcode screen appears slide up.
  3. Scan your face like you normally would and profit.

With this simple fix Apple has made using Face ID far more convenient than it has been since the release of the device. This is one of the iOS 12 features that iPhone X users should be looking forward to for iOS 12’s September release.

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