How To Take Screenshot On iPhone X [Tip]

Take Screenshot On iPhone X

The missing home button on the iPhone X is sure going to take some getting used to. Home Button has always been integral to the whole iOS experience and among many other things was used to take screenshots. On iPhone X the process of taking screenshots is a little different. Again, it will take some getting used to but once you are familiar with this new method you will feel pretty comfortable using. Read on to learn how to take screenshot on iPhone X.

How To Take Screenshot On iPhone X

  1. Open the screen you want to take screenshot of.
  2. Once ready press the lock button and then Volume up button simultaneously.
  3. Let go of the buttons right after you press them.

Screenshot will now be taken and you will see the preview in the bottom left side of the screen. At this point you can either tap on it and then edit using iOS 11’s screenshot editing tool or continue taking more screenshots. To dismiss the preview simply slide left on it.

After taking the screenshot you can find it in the Photos app, ready to be edited or shared. So this how you can Take Screenshot On iPhone X. Also check out how you can turn off your iPhone X using lock button.

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