How to take screenshots on an Apple Watch and where to find them

Apple Watch Screenshots

Since the Apple Watch is a new device there are a lot of things that you may find hard to figure out. One important thing that we are so used to of doing on our iPhone and iPad is taking screenshots. The Apple Watch also allows users to take screenshots and share them online or with friends. In this article we will show you how you can quickly take a screenshot on an Apple Watch and where you can find it. Taking a screenshot on an Apple Watch is very similar to how it is on an iPhone.

To take a screenshot all you have to do is press two buttons at which point picture of the screen will be taken. On Apple Watch you have to press the digital crown and the side button simultaneously. If you find it hard to press the two buttons at the same time you can also press the first button and without releasing it press the second one.

After you have taken the screenshot you can see it right on the Apple Watch through the Photos app. If you want to share it with someone then you can also find the image in your iPhone’s Photos app as well.

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