Best Folio Cases For 12.9-inch iPad Pro In 2024

Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro Folio cases

Are you looking for the best folio cases for your 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2024? Then look no further as we have gathered a list of our favorite folio cases for the largest iPad.

Imagine you’ve just splurged on the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a sleek technological marvel that’s as powerful as it is beautiful. But hold on a second—before you get too caught up in all its glory, let’s talk about something equally important: keeping it safe and sound. That’s where the best folio cases for iPad Pro in 2024 come into play.

Think of them as your iPad’s trusty sidekick, offering a snug fit and a layer of defense against life’s little mishaps. Without one? Well, let’s just say your precious investment might be at the mercy of gravity, spills, and scratches—not a fate you want to risk!

Best Folio Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Buckle up (or rather, snap on), as we explore the best iPad Pro 12.9-inch folio cases to ensure your iPad Pro stays protected and stylish in 2024.

1. Apple Smart Folio Tablet Case

Apple Smart Folio Tablet Case 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The Apple Smart Folio Tablet Case is your sleek companion for iPad Pro that not only protects but also enhances your device experience.

Designed with precision, it embodies the perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring your iPad Pro stays safe while exuding elegance. Crafted to be thin and lightweight, the Smart Folio provides comprehensive protection for both the front and back of your iPad Pro.

But that’s not all; this intelligent accessory goes beyond mere protection. Seamlessly integrated, it boasts an intuitive feature that automatically wakes your iPad Pro when you open the folio and gently lulls it to sleep when you close it.

Thanks to its innovative design, you can effortlessly fold it into various positions, adapting to your needs seamlessly.

Whether you’re engrossed in a captivating read, catching up on your favorite shows, typing away at work, or enjoying a video call with loved ones, the Smart Folio transforms into a sturdy stand, providing the perfect angle for every activity.

Buy Apple Smart Folio Tablet Case for $99 here.

2. tomtoc Smart Folio Vertical Case

tomtoc Smart Folio Vertical Case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The tomtoc Smart Folio Vertical Case is a versatile companion designed to elevate your iPad Pro experience to new heights. This smart folio case seamlessly transitions between four distinct usage modes, thanks to its innovative super magnetic attraction and detachable structure.

Whether you’re working, reading, sketching, or simply enjoying media, this case ensures you can do it all with ease and style.

The ultra-thin and lightweight panel attaches effortlessly to the back of your iPad, delivering a silky touch and worry-free protection for your device’s back and camera. With this feature, you can capture your ideas and inspirations on the go, anytime, anywhere.

The Portrait Mode offers a specialized 69º vertical angle, perfect for engaging with your screen while reading documents or comics.

Meanwhile, the Landscape Mode smoothly adjusts the screen angles to suit your preferences, ensuring optimal viewing comfort. Additionally, Sketch Mode provides an ideal angle for impromptu sketches or spontaneous brainstorming sessions, empowering you to unleash your creativity effortlessly.

Buy tomtoc Smart Folio Vertical Case for $56.99 here.

3. PITAKA Folio 2 for iPad Pro 12.9 

PITAKA Folio 2 for iPad Pro 12.9 

Elevate your iPad Pro 12.9 experience with the PITAKA Folio 2 – where style, functionality, and innovation converge to redefine the way you interact with your device.

Crafted from upgraded premium PU leather, the Folio 2 not only exudes sophistication but also boasts exceptional durability. Its skin-friendly polyurethane leather construction is resistant to dust and scratches, ensuring your iPad Pro remains pristine even through daily use.

Weighing a mere 11.46 ounces, this cover epitomizes portability, effortlessly slipping into your bag or backpack for on-the-go convenience.

Embracing the essence of seamless integration, the Folio 2 comes equipped with an auto sleep/wake feature, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine. Simply open the cover to awaken your iPad Pro 12.9, and watch as it gracefully enters sleep mode when the cover is closed, preserving battery life and streamlining your experience.

Buy PITAKA Folio 2 for iPad Pro 12.9 for $59.99 here.

4. Fintie Rotating Case 

Fintie Rotating Case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Crafted with precision, the Fintie Rotating Case features a dual-layer hard interior cover and a premium synthetic leather exterior. This combination provides robust protection against scratches, keeping your device looking sleek and pristine.

One of the standout features of the Fintie Rotating Case is its innovative rotating structure, allowing for flexible horizontal and vertical viewing. Whether you’re catching up on your favorite shows, engaging in a video call, or working on a project, this case adapts to your preferred orientation effortlessly.

The automatic wake and sleep function adds a touch of convenience by intuitively responding to your device’s movements.

The Snap-n-Roll Design sets this case apart, offering a hassle-free installation process. Simply snap on the left side first, followed by the right side, and you’re ready to go. The elastic band serves as a reliable companion, securely holding your iPad closed while you’re on the move, ensuring protection and peace of mind.

Buy Fintie Rotating Case for $23.99 here.

5. HFcoupe iPad Pro 12.9 Case

HFcoupe iPad Pro 12.9 Case

With the HFcoupe iPad Pro 12.9 Case, protection, versatility, and convenience come together in perfect harmony, ensuring your iPad is not only safeguarded but also optimized for whatever the day may bring.

Crafted with premium materials including faux leather, a plush microfiber lining, and a soft TPU back cover, this case offers more than just style – it’s your iPad’s ultimate shield against life’s daily wear and tear.

From shocks to drops and pesky scratches, rest assured your iPad Pro 12.9-inch 6th generation is fully protected within this sleek folio case. But protection is just the beginning – versatility is where this case truly shines.

With two adjustable standing positions, you can effortlessly find the perfect angle for any task. Whether you’re diving into a FaceTime call, tackling a typing session, unleashing your inner artist with painting apps, or simply getting lost in the pages of your favorite ebook, this case has you covered.

Buy HFcoupe iPad Pro 12.9 Case for $26.90 here.

6. Soke New iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Soke New iPad Pro 12.9 Case

The Soke New iPad Pro 12.9 Case is more than just a protective accessory—it’s a stylish companion that enhances the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your iPad Pro 12.9. With its seamless integration of features, durable construction, and attention to detail, it’s the perfect choice for discerning iPad users who refuse to compromise on style or performance.

But it’s not just about looks—the case is also engineered for maximum protection. The hard PC back shell effectively guards your iPad Pro 12.9 against fingerprints, shocks, scratches, and dust, keeping it looking pristine for longer.

Additionally, the soft microfiber lining paired with the PU leather exterior provides an extra layer of defense, ensuring that your tablet remains scratch-free even with daily use.

Ease of use is another priority with the Soke New iPad Pro 12.9 Case. Thanks to precise cutouts, accessing ports, buttons, and camera lenses is effortless, allowing you to use your device without any hindrances. Plus, with built-in magnets, this one of the best folio cases for iPad Pro features an auto wake/sleep function, automatically waking or putting your device to sleep when the lid is opened or closed, conserving battery life and adding convenience to your daily routine.

Buy Soke New iPad Pro 12.9 Case for $15.99 here.

7. JETech Magnetic Case

JETech Magnetic Case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Designed with convenience in mind, the JETech Magnetic Case boasts a slim and lightweight profile, allowing for seamless integration with your device. Its magnetic design not only enables effortless attachment of your pencil but also facilitates wireless charging, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords and cables.

With easy access to all controls and functions, you can navigate your device with ease, enhancing your overall user experience.

One standout feature of the JETech Magnetic Case is its magnetic smart functionality, which supports automatic sleep/wake functionality.

By simply opening or closing the case, your device automatically activates or enters sleep mode, conserving battery life and providing added convenience. The strong magnetic adsorption ensures that your device is securely and firmly attached, offering peace of mind knowing that it’s well-protected.

Furthermore, the tri-fold front cover of the case provides versatility by offering two standing positions for both viewing and typing. Whether you’re watching your favorite movies or tackling work tasks, you can adjust the angle of your device to suit your needs, providing optimal comfort and usability.

Buy JETech Magnetic Case for $19.99 here.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up our journey through the 12.9-inch iPad Pro folio cases in 2024, one thing is crystal clear: the future of iPad protection is here, and it’s sleek, stylish, and oh-so-functional. Whether you’re a creative genius, a busy professional, or a tech-savvy student, there’s a folio case on this list that’s just waiting to become your iPad’s new best friend.

So go ahead, pick your favorite, slide your iPad snugly inside, and get ready to take on the world with confidence, knowing that your beloved device is safe and sound in the hands of one of the smart folio cases for iPad Pro money can buy.

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