You Can Charge Your Apple Pencil With iPhone

No matter for how long you have owned your Apple Pencil, it will always feel weird to recharge it by sticking it into the lightning port of the iPad. However if you are ever in a situation when you want to recharge the Pencil but can’t plug it into your iPad, there’s perhaps an easier way you can use to recharge it.

Turns out you can plug in your Apple Pencil into your iPhone and it will recharge with almost the same speed as it does with the iPad.

The added benefit of recharging the Apple Pencil through the iPhone is that somehow it also feels more convenient and slightly less awkward than doing the same with an iPad Pro. That is mostly because iPhone is a much smaller device, so when Pencil is connected to it, it does not become so long that it is hard to manage.

While iPhone can recharge an Apple Pencil, sadly you still can’t use it with your iPhone. For that you may have to wait until 2019.

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