Here’s How iPadOS 13.4’s Cursor Feature Works (Video)

Using Mouse with iPad Cursor

iPadOS 13.4 has brought enhanced cursor support for all iPads that can run this OS version. Which means if you have any model of iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad you can connect a Bluetooth or wired mouse with your iPad and take advantage of this new feature.

Unlike the Accessibility focused mouse support that was added in iPadOS 13.0, the iPadOS 13.4 is meant for all users who wish to use their tablet with a trackpad or mouse. With the enhanced support users can now perform tasks like launching and exiting apps, accessing Control Center, Notification Center, App Switcher, Slide Over apps and more by just using their mouse or trackpad.

The cursor also changes contextually, and adapts to whatever it is pointing over. For example, if you point the cursor at a piece of text it will turn into a text indicator, enabling users to select text more precisely. The cursor also turns into a button when pointed over certain buttons such as the tab bars of App Store.

If you connect a trackpad with your iPad, then you can also take advantage of new multi-touch gestures for the trackpad, which can be used to go home or switch between spaces.

You can see iPadOS 13.4’s cursor feature in action in our video embedded above, which showcases the experience of using a mouse with an iPad.

We also recommend that you check our complete iPadOS trackpad or Mouse guide by visiting the page below.

iPadOS Trackpad Or Mouse Guide: How To Connect And Change Cursor Settings

What do you think about the new cursor feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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