Apple’s New iPhone X Ad Showcases Selfies Taken With Portrait Lighting Feature

Apple has published a new iPhone X ad on its Youtube channel highlighting its True-Depth front facing camera. The video specifically showcases the front camera’s Portrait Lighting feature demonstrated by selfies taken with different modes.

What makes this particular iPhone X ad different from the ones published in the past is that it features poetry by the late boxing champion Muhammad Ali from ‘Round 2: I Am the Double Greatest’.

Despite Apple highlighting the Portrait Lighting feature in many of iPhone X’s ad, that show the perfect selfies taken by it, the feature is far from perfect when used in the real world setting and still in beta. In our experience the feature does not work that well and is hit and miss most of the time.

You can watch the iPhone X – Selfies on iPhone X below.

Another iPhone X ad Apple posted earlier, also showcasing Portrait Lighting.

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