Notcho App Lets You Create Notch-Less Wallpapers For iPhone X

Are you looking for a wallpaper to hide iPhone X’s notch? Then look no further than the Notcho app from the App Store. This app makes it super easy for users to create their own ‘notch-less’ wallpapers right on their iPhone X. Not only does Notcho app allows users to edit existing wallpapers and make the notch-free, but it also includes a number of wallpapers that you can apply to your device right away.

Notcho app includes an easy to use tool that lets you make any wallpaper optimized for the notch-less experience. Once you are done editing an image, you can also preview it on a mock home screen before saving it to your iPhone’s Photos app. The preview feature is handy as it saves time by letting you know if a wallpaper is optimized correctly or not.

The app lets you import images to edit, or you can use Notcho app’s Photos app extension to edit images right in the Photos app, which is very convenient.

Once you have saved the image to Photos, simply open and apply the wallpaper on the lockscreen and home screen. The app will only hide the notch on homescreen and lockscreen, however it will still appear in applications. Notcho is a freemium app, which means although you can download and use it, it will leave a watermark on your wallpapers, until you buy the in-app purchase to unlock it.

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