Existing and new iPhone cases work with both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

If you have purchased a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and have a bunch of iPhone 6/6 Plus cases lying around, then you would definitely be wondering if the old cases will fit on the new device. Well the good news is it has been confirmed by none other than Apple itself, that the newer and older generations of iPhone feature same size and dimensions. This essentially means all accessories made for the last year’s model will fit the new one. This useful information was revealed on Apple’s accessory page.

Leather cases iPhone 6s

The site for Apple’s own iPhone 6s leather cases reads “The case fits snugly and your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 still feels incredibly slim, even with the case on.” This not only proves older cases will fit on the newer iPhones but it also confirms that the beautiful new leather cases the company has launched alongside iPhone 6s will also fit last year’s models.

In addition to this, popular accessory maker Spigen has announced that its current cases, that were designed for iPhone 6 will also work with iPhone 6s.

While this is great news for people who already have iPhone 6 cases lying around, we would advise you to confirm whether a case is really compatible with the new models before making a purchase. Some slim and tight cases may have fitting problems.

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