iPhone 6s confirmed to have 2GB RAM, iPad Pro comes with 4GB

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Over the past few generations of iPhones, we have seen Apple’s reluctance to improve its RAM. Although having 1GB of RAM hasn’t really affected the device’s performance much it has brought in major criticism for the iPhone. Now it seems like things have finally changed, as Apple has reportedly bumped up iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus’s RAM to 2GB. This is a 100 percent increase over the previous generations as iPhone 6 only had 1GB RAM. Even iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 had the same amount of RAM. This has been confirmed by developer Hamza Sood, who found this important piece of information on the latest version of Xcode 7 GM.

In addition to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus the RAM of iPad Pro has also been revealed. It appears that the new iPad Pro features an impressive 4GB of RAM, which makes sense as it is targeted towards professionals and is meant to perform some heavy duty tasks, unlike the smaller versions of the tablet. For comparison, iPad Air 2 has 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 6s RAM

Having more RAM on the iPhones will not only improve the speed of the device, but it will also improve the user experience. iPhone 6s will be able to keep more apps running in the background, Safari will be able to have more tabs loaded, performance within graphic intensive games will be improved and more. The changes will appear system-wide and will be noticeable.

Hamza Sood, the developer behind this discovery used Xcode’s Asset catalog to achieve this feat, as he explains the in the tweet below.

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