iOS 18 Control Center: Pages, Resizable Buttons, Add a Control Screen, And More

iOS 18 Control Center

iOS 18 brings a completely redesigned Control Center that finally offers full control over its layout to the users.

The new Control Center in iOS 18 redefines what the Control Center is on iOS. It now features separate pages that let users organize widgets and buttons based on their personal needs.

Users also get access to a ‘Add a Control’ screen. This screen is packed with widgets and action buttons that users can add to their device’s Control Center. In addition to housing stock widgets and action buttons, this screen will also give users access to third-party Control Center controls as they become available.

Control Center on iOS 18

Just like before users can expand the widget by long pressing on them. The expanded versions of the widgets give users more precise control when performing various actions.

A great feature of the new Control Center in iOS 18 is the ability it gives users to resize different widgets and buttons. The resizing feature makes it possible for users to create unique layouts for their Control Center. In addition to that users can also make certain buttons larger, which makes pressing them a lot easier.

Similarly, the ability to quickly rearrange the widget and buttons allows you to place the buttons where they are most easily accessible to you.

Control Center on iPadOS 18 offers the same functionality as its does on the iPhone. Users get access to all the customization options that are available on the iPhone, enabling them to create custom Control Center layouts on iPads as well.

iOS 18 Control Center Hands-On:

How to customize Control Center

Edit Control Center in iOS 18

Customizing the Control Center is quite easy.

Enter Editing mode: You can start by long pressing your finger anywhere on the screen where there’s empty space.

Add new controls: You can add new controls to your Control Center by tapping on ‘Add a Control’ button that appears while you are in Control Center editing mode.

Remove a widget or button: Once you are in editing mode you can tap on the ‘-‘ button to remove a widget or button.

Resizing: You can resize a widget by putting your finger on the grabber that appears on the bottom right corner of the widget or button.

After putting your finger on the grabber move your finger in an outward direction to make the widget or button larger. To make it smaller move your finger inwards.

There are three sizes for buttons. This includes small, medium, and large.

For widgets, you can create custom sizes of your choice and even make them so big that they can take up almost the whole page, which is neat.

Moving widgets or buttons: You can move widgets or buttons by simply dragging them to the place you want to move them while in editing mode. You can also move the items to another page by bringing them to the bottom or top of the page.

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