Japanese iPhone Shutter Sound: Does It Go Away Overseas?

iPhone taking a photograph

If you are going on a trip to Japan and plan on buying a brand new iPhone from there, there are a few things you need to consider before swiping your credit card at the Apple Store.

Japanese iPhones like all other smartphones sold in the country come with a louder camera shutter sound, which cannot be turned off even while the device is on silent mode.

As mentioned in detail by Engadget this is because of a local law that requires smartphones to have a loud camera shutter sound enabled at all times.

While in Japan this feature is the norm, it can become annoying when you are using the Japanese iPhone in another country.

I can be turned off!

The good news in iOS 15 or later Apple allows users of a Japanese iPhone to turn off the shutter sound when that iPhone is being used outside of Japan.

Users report that the change is triggered when you put a non-Japanese SIM card into your iPhone and change the region to the country you are currently in.

This also applies to travelers who want to buy an iPhone from Japan but will use it in their home country.

So next time you are in Japan and feel tempted to buy a shiny new iPhone, go ahead without any worries.

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