See iOS 8’s Time Lapse video feature in action in this incredible video

Apple brought the slow motion feature with iPhone 5s that greatly boosted the video recording capabilities of the smartphone. With the release iOS 8 the company has added another ground breaking feature called Time Lapse, which enables iPhone and iPad users to record videos and play them as time lapse. For those of you who don’t know what Time Lapse video recording is, it is a photography technique in which a video is captured at lower frame rate and then played at normal speed giving an impression to viewer that the subjects in the video are moving in fast speed thus giving a lapsing effect.

Unlike the Slow Motion feature of iPhone 5s the Time Lapse video recording of iOS 8 is not limited to one iPhone model and is available on at least iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPod touch 5th gen. and iPad models. To demonstrate this feature in its full glory a Youtube user has created a video using an iPhone 5s running the first beta. The result is pretty impressive. He has showcased how the feature works in different conditions and has recorded time lapses of different scenarios that include recording the melting of candles, a car’s journey, recording of a city’s roads from a distance and more.

Time Lapse will be part of iOS 8’s Camera app once it is released to public in the fall and can be accessed by simply swiping while in the recording mode.

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