Tips To Make iPhone More Secure And Keeping Hackers Away [Video]

If you aren’t doing this already, then it is time to take the iPhone security more seriously. This single gadget contains so much data about you that losing it to wrong hands can have catastrophic repercussions for your life. All of us have sensitive data stored on our iPhones including but not limited to Photos, Messages, Bank details, Mails, Notes, Contacts etc.

While iPhone is a secure device, there are additional steps that users can take in order to further boost their iPhone’s security. In the video above we have detailed these exact actionable steps, that you can take right now to make your iPhone much more secure.

Passcodes are the first thing that protect your device from an intruder. Having a secure alphanumeric passcode can make it extremely difficult for a brute force attacker to gain access to your device.

Another way you can make your iPhone more secure is by using a VPN. A VPN will protect your data from being intercepted by hackers. Using a VPN especially on a public Wi-Fi network is very important to keep iPhone data protected.

You can also boost your iPhone security by turning off lockscreen access for Notifications Center, Control Center and Siri. In the past many iOS vulnerabilities gave access to user iPhones through these features. To turn them off simply go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and turn off toggles for Notification Center, Control Center and Siri. On the same page you should also turn off the toggle for USB Accessories. This will protect your device from brute force hacks.

Then scroll down further on the Face ID page and turn on the toggle for Erase Data. When this toggle is on, iOS will erase all data from the iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts.

Other security boosting tips we share in the video include reducing the auto-lock time for your iPhone by going to Brightness settings, turning on two-factor authentication for Apple ID and making sure Find My iPhone is activated. You should also make sure your iPhone’s iTunes backups are encrypted.

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