Leaked Screenshots Appear to Show Siri For Mac

Siri icon dock

Siri for Mac is long coming, and this year it appears like we will finally see its release on the OS X or macOS platform. This may have been confirmed through the allegedly leaked screenshots of the upcoming macOS/OS X update that is expected to get announced in WWDC 2016. The screenshots posted by MacRumors show Siri icons and menu bar button on the Mac. The menu bar button is black and white, as those buttons are normally and features the word ‘Siri’.

The dock icon for Siri is more interesting featuring a rounded icon showing waves, that is very similar to how Siri appears on iOS and other platforms. According to the site that posted it when the user will click on either of these buttons, a Siri interface will appear with waveform animations indicating that the personal assistant is listening. The more convenient and iPhone-like ‘Hey Siri’ function is also said to be present, which will allow users to talk to Siri without pressing any buttons or clicking any icons. By default the Hey Siri function will be turned off, however users will be able to turn it on if they like from System Preferences.

Siri icon menu bar

The integration is still in early stages, as Apple will be running developer and public betas before macOS’s release in or around September. Right now the app is able to launch apps, conduct web searches, respond to HomeKit commands and perform tasks related to email, text messages, calendars etc.

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