Luca Todesco Hacks M1 Mac To Run pongoOS

Well known iOS developer and security researcher Luca Todesco has announced on Twitter that he has been able to run pongoOS on Apple’s M1 chip powered Macs. This is a great achievement and could open doors for software based modifications and hacking of the new Macs.

In a series of tweets sent through his Twitter account Todesco revealed that he is testing pongoOS on M1 powered Macs. In a subsequent tweet he shared a picture of a Mac running pongoOS along with the text ‘pongo on m1’.

According to the hacker pongoOS is fully booting on the Mac. The hacker has thanked Corellium and hacker @never_released for assistance on this project.

Right after announcing the arrival of pongoOS on M1 powered Macs Todesco proceeded to post the M1 branch of the pongoOS on GitHub for others to look at.

This is not the first time pongoOS has been ported on a Mac. Previously Todesco showed the same OS running on MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar as well as on iPhone. He even showed Linux running on his iPhone with the help of pongoOS.

While it is exciting to see respectable hackers and developers of checkra1n working on hacking M1 chip powered Mac computers, it is too early to say what potential hacks we can see in the future.

First thing that comes to mind is Apple blocking the ability to sideload unsupported iOS apps on macOS. This is certainly something that hackers can try to bypass after ‘jailbreaking’ a Mac.

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