Take Selfies With iPhone’s Back Cameras Using Your Apple Watch (Trick)

In this tutorial we will share an Apple Watch camera trick that will help you take better selfies with iPhone’s back cameras. As a result you will be able to take better and high quality selfies when compared to the front camera.

When you are taking solo or group selfies the natural thing to do is to use the front camera of your device. Using the front camera makes it easy to take selfies since you can see a live view of the shot before you hit the shutter button.

Despite its benefits there’s one problem with taking selfies with the front camera. The quality and wide angle view offered by the front camera isn’t as good as the back camera. If you have a recent device such as an iPhone 12, then you are also missing out on having the ability to take wide angle and ultra-wide angle selfies.

By default taking self portraits or selfies with the back camera of iPhone isn’t ideal, since pressing the shutter button can be tricky and you can never be sure if you are taking the photo at the desired angle.

Thankfully you can solve this issue and take better selfies with the higher quality back cameras of your iPhone using the Apple Watch trick. What many people don’t realize is that their Apple Watch comes with a Camera app, which lets them use their Apple Watch as iPhone’s camera viewfinder.

While the original purpose of the watchOS Camera app would have been to allow users to remotely hit shutter the button, you can use a trick to turn your iPhone’s back cameras into selfie cameras.

Use Apple Watch To Take Selfies With iPhone’s Back Camera

You can follow these instructions to take selfies with iPhone’s back cameras with the help of your Apple Watch.

Step 1: Start by taking your Apple Watch off of your wrist and putting it on your iPhone. Put the Watch on your iPhone as you would put it on your wrist.

Step 2: When putting your Apple Watch on the iPhone make sure the screen faces the back side of the device.

Step 3: Once you have attached the Watch to iPhone access watchOS home screen by pressing the Digital Crown button and launch Camera app.

Step 4: Launching Camera app on Apple Watch should also launch Camera app on the iPhone, and you should be able to see what’s on your iPhone’s Camera on the Apple Watch.

Step 5: Hold the iPhone in the selfie position and adjust the angle by looking into the Apple Watch.

Step 6: When ready hit the Shutter button on the Apple Watch to take a selfie.

On the Apple Watch you can tap on the ‘…’ button in order to turn off the 3 second timer, switch between front and back cameras, change Flash settings, toggle Live Photo and HDR.

Take things too far with this mount

Ulanzi ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount for Apple Watch

While tying your Apple Watch to the iPhone with its strap is easy and free, you can also take things to the next level by using the dedicated Ulanzi ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount for Apple Watch.

This mount will not only make it easy to attach the Watch to the iPhone but you can then also attach it to a selfie stick, making your life even more easier.

There you go folks, this is how you can use your Apple Watch to take better selfies with the back cameras of your iPhone.

What do you think about this trick? Is this something that you find useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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