Here’s What Mac Shortcut Symbols Mean

Mac offers many useful shortcuts that allow users to perform different tasks by simply pressing a key combination from their keyboard. Using a keyboard shortcut on a Mac is pretty convenient, and since macOS displays shortcuts in the menu bar, it is even easier to remember them. However if you are new to Mac, then understanding the shortcuts shown on the Mac can be difficult if you don’t know what key symbols mean.

Mac Shortcut Symbol Meaning

In this post we are going to show you what each Mac key symbol means, so next time you come across a shortcut, you will know exactly what keys you are supposed to press.

  • Command ⌘
  • Shift ⇧
  • Option ⌥
  • Control ⌃
  • Caps Lock ⇪
  • Esc ⎋
  • Return ⏎
  • Delete ⌫
  • Tab ⇥

Most modern Mac Keyboards don’t display these shortcut symbols on the keys, so it is nice to remember which keys these on-screen symbols correspond to. Knowing these symbols will allow you to quickly figure out the shortcut and result in saving a lot of time and effort.

Do you know about any other Mac Shortcut symbols and know what they mean? If so, do share with us in the comments section below!

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