Apple Launches A New Apple Developer YouTube Channel

Following the WWDC 2024 announcement, Apple has launched a brand new YouTube channel targeted towards developers. The new channel that is called ‘Apple Developer’ is now live on the YouTube website and already contains 40 videos from last year’s WWDC 2023.

With the new channel’s launch Apple will be uploading all of WWDC 2024 videos on YouTube along with its own website. This will be the first time Apple will be uploading the Apple Developer videos on the YouTube platform, allowing users to watch useful and informative videos on both websites.

Apple bringing Developer videos to YouTube is good news for the developer community, as it will make it easier for them to watch videos on any device.

Many developers have previously complained about the Apple video player and found it difficult to watch videos on Apple’s website and the Developer app. Now that videos will be available on YouTube as well, this will make watching videos easier and allow Apple to reach a wider audience.

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