Apple’s Latest Patent Could Enable MacBooks To Wirelessly Charge iPhone And AirPods

MacBook Wireless Charging

Future versions of MacBooks could allow users to wirelessly recharge their iPhone, AirPods and other devices. This revelation comes from a recently granted Apple Patent that has been published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office according to website PatentlyApple.

Apple has been granted two patents that are concerned with 2-way charging or reverse charging. If these patents are implemented in future versions of MacBook, then users will be able to place their iPhone on wrist rest section of their MacBook and charge the device through wireless charging.

Apple’s patent application includes illustrations showing how such an implementation would work. The MacBooks are going to have multiple inductive charging coils that are going to be placed under the frame of the MacBook. These coils will allow the MacBook to charge multiple devices at the same time.

In addition to the wrist rest area the MacBooks will also allow users to place their iOS devices on MacBook’s lid while it is closed. Putting devices like iPhone, Apple Watch and even iPad will allow the devices to recharge as shown in Apple illustrations in the patent application.

Even though the first inductive charging patent was granted back in late 2016 this recent granting is quite significant. This year Apple has introduced MagSafe charging mechanism on its iPhone 12 lineup and it could leverage the magnets found inside the iPhones to aid wireless charging between MacBook and the iPhone.

In addition to that the new Apple made M1 chip found in current and upcoming Apple MacBooks are more power efficient. Thanks to this MacBooks will be in a better position to share their limited battery charge with other devices, considering they will have significantly longer battery life compared to the Intel powered models of today.

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