iOS 12 Notifications Concept Imagines Alerts That Are Not A Mess

iOS notifications are a mess and with Apple’s special focus on improving iOS experience this year, it is time for the company to fix this issue once and for all. iOS fans have proposed many solutions on how Apple could solve the notification issue on the mobile platform, and joining them today is one from site BirchTree.

The mockup shared by the site imagines how iOS could display pending notifications on the lockscreen, by displaying them in groups of apps. Each group of notifications can house all the notifications belonging to a particular app, instead of display a banner for each and every notification in chronological order, regardless of the fact that they belong to same app.

The proposed solution has a large banner area for each app that has pending alerts and shows app’s name on the top with the timestamp of the latest notification on the other side. Users also have the option to quick respond to a message. When user enters the quick reply mode each message gets separated, allowing users to interact with each message on its own. This is useful for apps like Messages that may have notifications from different contacts.

Also, instead of displaying all the messages from any app, the lockscreen banner can show around 4, and let user tap on the more button to reveal further messages. This can help in reducing notification clutter.

Another interesting idea proposed in this iOS 12 notifications concept is how iOS should intelligently arrange notification alerts based on their importance to the user, instead of showing them in simple chronological order. It could even allow users to set an arrangement in the notification settings.

With iOS 12 announcement and beta release just weeks away, we really hope Apple has already added improved notifications to the next big iOS release. We will see what Apple has in store for us when the company takes the stage on June 4th at WWDC keynote.

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