NomadPlus is a 1,500mAh battery for your iPhone that connects with its charger

NomadPlus charger

iPhone’s battery life is terrible and there’s hardly an iPhone user who would disagree with that. While we count on Apple on fixing this issue we also keep exploring ways to extend the battery life of our iOS devices and look for gadgets that can help us in doing so. Nomad is a well known brand that has produced several useful accessories for iOS devices that make charging them more convenient. Now the company has come up with another interesting product called NomadPlus, which is essentially an external power source for your iOS device.

NomadPlus allows users to insert their stock iPhone charger into itself, and plug it in the socket. Users can then plug in their lightning cable into NomadPlus. When the charger is plugged into a socket the iOS device is charged first after which the power is stored in NomadPlus’s 1,500mAh battery. The charge stored in it can then be used to recharge the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at times when you are unable to find the battery outlet. It acts as an portable external power source that according to Nomad provides 70 percent additional battery life to your gadget before you would require access to a real power outlet.


NomadPlus charger (2)As of right now the product only supports the US style charger however according to Nomad’s official page the support for UK/EU style charger will also be added later.

If you are interested then you can pre-order NomadPlus, which will be shipped to buyers in the month of November and costs $39.

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