ConvoProtect lets you lock individual Messages, WhatsApp and Kik conversations


When it comes to privacy iOS provides a very limited functionality to protect it. So if you hate it when people start reading your conversations and want to protect your Messages, WhatsApp, or Kik app the only way to do that is to lock the whole device. ConvoProtect is a new tweak that fixes this problem by locking down individual conversations. You can also password protect Group conversation. The best part is that this tweak also supports WhatsApp and Kik messaging apps.


Once you install the tweak, you can configure it from the preference in the Settings app. If you want to password protect a conversation simply add the number of that person to ‘Locked Numbers’ list. You can lock the Group conversations by entering the title of the conversation in the ‘Locked Groups’. The tweak allows you to set different passwords for individual and grouped conversations. Once you add a contact to locked list, ConvoProtect will also hide the last message preview of that contact in the Messages, WhatsApp or Kik app.


In case you might be worrying, you can set a master password to protect the tweak’s preference in the Settings app so no one but you can change these settings.


Now if you think that locking individual conversations makes people suspicious then there is another way to protect your privacy too. ConvoProtect also allows you to hide select conversations. You can also add contacts to hidden list from the Settings app. The best option about hiding conversation is an Activator toggle. The tweak allows you to set an Activator gesture to instantly show/hide the hidden conversations. For example you can set ‘Shake device’ action to show/hide these conversations. Now if you want to hand over your device to a friend simply shake it and it will hide all your private conversations.

ConvoProtect is compatible with all devices running iOS 7. You can get this awesome tweak from Cydia for $1.99 only.

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  1. Anyone get this work on ios 8.x? It works but if a message comes in on the lockscreen then it opens right up. Hidden contacts overlap on others and the Activator actions do not work.

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